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Dear Parents and Carers,

I would just like to end the school year by saying a huge thank you and well done to everybody. It has been a truly testing time and one that has brought many challenges for everybody. The stories and emails that we have received have been overwhelmingly positive and that has been greatly received. Your support and understanding has been fantastic and we couldn’t have got through this without you all. We have also reflected on any concerns or worries raised and hopefully we have dealt with these as best as we possibly can. We will continue to reflect over the summer on our handling of this unprecedented situation.

I would like to thank my staff, who have been so committed and worked so hard throughout this time. From the site staff, to office staff, to the teaching staff; they have all been great. I hope that the communications that you received have been clear, informative, effective and personal. It was so important that you felt informed all the way through this time.

Looking forward to September; it is our plan to have 100% opening with a full school day for the start of term on Thursday 3rd September 2020, in line with government policy. Over the next 2 weeks the Senior Leadership Team will be working through plans and logistics to prepare carefully for this. There will be some differences, in terms of staggered start times, playtimes and lunchtimes and finish times. There will also be different routines for school access for parents, communication lines. We will follow all guidance for the safety of the children and staff in school, which may include looking at classroom layout. We will also have clear protocol of what to do if you display any symptoms and what the procedures will be.

We will still be offering the full, broad and balanced curriculum as we believe that this is the best way children will learn and be motivated. We will be doing some informal assessments at the start of the school year to see where each individual child is at, and this will inform our planning accordingly. What we are trying to do is build up a wall of learning for each child and see what gaps in there are and try to plug theses gaps. (I hope that makes sense!!)

As soon as we have the finalised plans for September we will share them with you; this includes when and how we will operate the breakfast and after school club. I am sure there will be updated guidance throughout the summer and we will adapt our plans accordingly.

We will have contingency plans in case of such things as local area lock downs, individual outbreaks, staff illness etc. We will be in a much different starting point if we do have to close for any reason and live, online teaching and learning can be in place for such eventualities.

Finally, thank you to everybody connected with the school; the children, parents, carers, governors, staff and local community. It has been a year like no other but we have been resilient and remained together.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust. We’ll see you all in September. Have a great summer.



Mr Tye